Debug the LightBot

Submitted 6 years ago
Melissa Z.
Melissa Z.
Alfred G Zanetti School
Springfield MA, US
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My Take

If you are doing Hour of Code and can give some modeling time before letting them use it than it is a great website. If you are just going to let the 1st graders use it without explanation it is going to be too hard for them. If you use it with older kids I think they will pick up on it quickly. It really does a great job of teaching students to problem solve and debug a situation. Also, if you have them working with partners they can collaborate on the answers.

How I Use It

I use Lightbot in 1st grade. It is challenging for this age, but with modeling the students were able to do level 1. I model for the students the steps and how to debug the situation when they get it wrong. After, they work with partners to try to complete the different tasks. It is very challenging, but they are capable for it. There is no words to the program, it is all arrows therefore those students who have a hard time reading will not struggle with the program. However, they will have a hard time with the instructions. The students are really persevering as they work.