A wealth of primary sources to explore!

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This website contains a wealth of knowledge, but even for experienced users can be hard to navigate. Using already curated primary source sets, or links like Chronicling America, are easy for students. I also print out primary sources for students to use. Their "ask a librarian" button is available for teachers and students who are struggling to navigate the site. Additionally, they have regional partners around the country (generally colleges), that will train teachers to use the site and even print resources for schools. There's also an extensive blog and teachers network (TPSNetwork.org) that teachers can join for more support on using the site. Using the primary sources helps me expose my students to multiple historical perspectives. It also promotes Common Core reading skills, and higher level thinking skills as students observe, reflect, and question what they are seeing.

How I Use It

The primary source documents available digitally at the Library of Congress website are invaluable. I use their Primary Source Analysis Tool and carefully chosen documents to have students look critically at different events in history from multiple perspectives.