Creating Games, Teaching Higher-Order Thinking Skills, and Inspiring Student Engagement

Submitted 9 years ago
Vann L.
Vann L.
Instructional Technologist
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Overall, this is a great tool. It will be important for teachers using this tool in the classroom to provide ample time for students to learn and apply the concepts when creating their games. This site will push students to think more critically and be problem solvers - great 21st century skills. This tool can be used individually with students or in groups.

How I Use It

This resource teaches students how to create games by providing lesson plans and links to popular game developing websites. You will find that this website is great for student engagement and requires students to think at a very high level - pushing students to the top of Bloom's. It is important to note that this website requires lots of student motivation as not everyone is a "gamer." It is also important to note that the game topics students are asked to use are fairly narrow, but appropriate. This resource could be used in a computer science course, technology class, club, as a method for extended learning (perhaps with AIG students), and/or in a math or science class. When planning, it is important to have enough time for students to go through the lessons and then create. It is a tall order for anyone to try to create a great game using this tool within one or two sittings. Time will be important. Overall, I believe students - who are interested in creating games - will enjoy this tool and the challenge that it offers. Students will find learning fun and exciting!