Learn to identify and count

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

The app has enough fun to be of interest to students, without being too distracting. Being able to choose the level of difficulty in the settings make it useful for a variety of grade/skill levels. On my 7" Nexus 7, the coins, bills, and text are very, very small. This would be problematic for group work or students without very good vision. Since the app is aimed at K-4, I would like to see a specific connection to decimals as an option to make it more useful for those higher grades.

How I Use It

In younger grades, this app could be used in a whole or small group setting to practice money counting after an initial introduction to money value-coin/bill. For 3rd/4th grade, it could be a review app for money as well as a connection to decimals. Students could be asked to write down the values as they identify them and then add or subtract them. The text and coins/bills are very small in the app, so it is difficult to view for more than one person at a time. In groups, I would project the app and then write or use large-sized manipulatives/representations on the whiteboard.