Love learning your letters with LeapFrog.

Submitted 8 years ago
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This game is a great introduction to letters. That is all it advertises itself as and that is all that it does. It is a very basic game that will let the students have success. It is a simple game that teaches what a letter looks like, sounds like, and how to write it. It teachers the upper case and lowercase of each letter. The students will get plenty of practice working on those three aspects. I like that it shows both the upper and lowercase letters when teaching them, it makes you keep going until you get it right, and that the students get practice writing the letter using the stylus. Teachers (or Parents) can use the LeapFrog software to track student progress throughout the game as well. However, there is only a certain number of users that can register on each LeapPad.

How I Use It

My daughters (4 and 6) play this game on their LeapPad. I spent an evening playing it to see exactly what they got out of it. This game would best be used in a center where students could individually play the game. It makes the students keep doing it until they get it right so it forces the students to have some success. It only rewards them, however, if they make little, or no, mistakes. It gives the students good repetition on identifying letters, their sounds, and writing them.