Practice following directions, identifying numbers, and shapes on an adventure with Jake!

Submitted 8 years ago
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As a teaching tool, this game is a good introduction for students to identify numbers and shapes. It does a good job of repeating the objectives and giving the names of the numbers and shapes. The directions are simple and easy to follow allowing the students to have a big chance of success. Not all of the games appear to deal with mathematical concepts but they do develop listening skills and following directions. While not necessarily pertaining to math, this is still an obvious skill that is good for the young learners. While a cute and fun game, it does not have a huge variety of mini games to play. I did like in the part that has students identifying shapes, that is always repeats the names for the students to learn what they are. Teachers (or Parents) can also track student progress using the LeapFrog software.

How I Use It

My daughters (4 and 6 years old) have this game for their LeapPad. I spent an evening playing it to see what it could do. I would use this in a center where the students could individually play it. It has a lot of cute little fun clips and included aspects from the tv show that the students will love. The Captain Hook segments kept my daughter laughing and coming back for more to see what he would do next. It only has a limited amount of mini-games so it is not a huge game but it is fun for the kids.