This is interactive and aligned with what I was teaching. I had the kids begging to play more!

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

This was a great teaching tool. it was was better than just another worksheet. I loved knowing that I could check in on their accounts to see how they were doing or what they were struggling with. This was very informative to my planning of what to reteach and when to move ahead. I liked that the students had more practice with each concept. They don't get much practice time in class with the worksheets. I also loved how much fun they had. They literally begged to get back on or to do it for longer! How incredible is that! I already gave feedback on the phrasing of a a few of the questions and they immediately changed it. This program is great for teachers to trust, students to jump into real math practice and for teachers to follow up with. It is a great formative assessment.

How I Use It

I used this program in my classroom with a range of students. The program ran smoothly, the directions were basic and easy to understand. All of my student took it very fast and loved when they completed a task and were celebrated. I had 2 ELL students who became really confident in math after having this hands on work with the program. They began to share more in class in math and seemed to have a better understanding of math. It was really nice to have each student on one computer. The green bar that showed how far you were on the level, really motivated students to keep going and let them know how much longer they had. I think it would be awesome if they got a medal at the end of each level.