Spelling is as easy as A B C! But unlike the title...you can spell words with 6+ letters in it!

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

I think it is a great tool to use as a review of matching letters and spelling practice. There are many ways to customize the application to meet the needs of the teacher and the students. The pictures are straightforward and not animated at all (which for some students it is good because they are not distracted, however some students need a little more visual stimulation). My students do have trouble being engaged in the app for long periods of time due to the repetitive nature of the application. I would like to have seen the words sounded out as well as spelled out in order to provide practice with that skill.

How I Use It

There are MANY MANY ways for a teacher to customize this app. Because of this, the uses for this app are endless. A teacher could use it as the settings come loaded (where the student matches the letters to spell the words). The letters can be changed to upper or lowercase, which is a good way to review both types of letters. It is easily modified to teach or review different vowels in the cvc pattern, different lengths of words (6+ letters). There is an auto progression so it is great to challenge learners. Some of the other features are visual and letter hints, letter repetition and word hint. These are all good to have if the student is using the app in an individual setting as a review or extension activity. I am disappointed that there isn't an emphasis on the letter sounds or any way to individually track student progress.