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Gordon T.
Gordon T.
Archbishop Curley High School
Baltimore MD, US
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This is a good resource for students but very closely mirrors content already in the PDF textbook that students learn from in US History I. However, it can still be used for over achievers looking for more challenges and to test knowledge with the quizzes, average students interested in learning more about US History or for students who need additional help or confidence before classroom assessments.

How I Use It

Khan Academy is a free and great resource to allow students to get additional learning completed online anywhere they have internet access.

In Bloom's Digital Taxonomy I would place the Kahn Academy content and technology application under remembering and understanding. It helps students remember facts and basic concepts and it also supports understanding of ideas and concepts.

Kahn Academy supports the 4 Cs through advancing students through studying history in being better critical thinkers and communicators.

In terms of TPACK standards- The Kahn Academy supports technological content knowledge due to its use of technology to increase knowledge of historical content and information.

The Kahn Academy (regarding SAMR)- both substitutes and augments the learning process. It is an enhancement to the learning process which is helpful as a resource for students learning US History.

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