Khan Academy is the BEST app for MATH teaching and learning available

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some students learn quickly, others more slowly, according to their ability, time, and desire to learn; videos can be paused, rewound, and re-watched
students have to put in consistent daily effort, which is focused, and at the edge of their ability, to continue to improve!
how do teachers encourage students to put in the effort in math??

students (potentially) achieve 100% mastery of many math topics
to confirm mastery, students/teachers/parents could ask students questions on that topic, to see if they really do have it nailed down
teachers need to follow student progress, and provide small-group lessons to those at the same level / content

a record of student mastery in the “world of math” is visible in their profiles
want to know what they know and don’t know in math? it’s all there!
excellent metrics for teachers, to track progress, and identify “gaps” in learning, to signal need for remediation
if several students have same gap, small-group instruction

students know whether questions are right or wrong right away
unlike pencil/paper assessment, which may be returned much later
step-by-step hints, or instructional videos, are provided below every question

students are doing work from number sense, measurement, geometry, algebra, and data & probability … all “strands” of math … on rotation → no need to plan a complicated spiraled curriculum, it’s all done for you.
less planning for teachers, and more time to focus one-on-one attention to students
teachers don’t have to say “textbook page 121, numbers 1-3, 5a-f anymore!
math class starts … “OK everyone, open Khan, and pick up where you left off!”

kids enjoy the motivation of the points they accumulate, badges, avatars, etc
it’s easy to follow the steps, b/c videos AND exercises are colour coded for understanding

some exercises include “find the mistake”, and students have to go through and check the work to find mistakes … sometimes there are none! Very smart.

Next step - kids make up their OWN questions, and solve them!
easy to get parents on board → KA is helpful from pre-K through university … and life!
if students learn to use KA well, it can be helpful to them today, high school, university, and more (mortgages, interest rates, history, etc)
getting to know ONE TOOL WELL
instead of introducing students to many different platforms, learning to use one, high quality, platform well could be beneficial to their learning

NO cost, NO ads, mission “to provide a FREE, world class education, to anyone anywhere”
the content is high quality - good descriptions, easy to listen to and follow
the platform is well-funded, and not likely going anywhere anytime soon
students can continue to use this for the rest of their lives

PRIVACY is top notch.

How I Use It

Khan Academy is my main math education app for grade 5, 6, 7, 8 math. Grade 5 students start from kindergarten content (counting, one-digit addition) and go from there. They fill gaps in their learning K-5, then continue to advance. Many middle-school students struggle with grade 2-3 content (skip-counting, factors, subtraction, etc), while others get to grade level with consistent effort, and a few go beyond. The most helpful aspect of this self-paced, mastery-based program is that ALL STUDENTS are working exactly at they ability level, and pushing forward, at all times. They are challenged, and learn to learn on their own.