Great online resource for students to use at home

Submitted 4 years ago
Christina H.
Christina H.
Olympia High School
Olympia WA, US
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My Take

Like many others, I’m also a hug fan of Khan Academy. I think the videos are very helpful to revisit topics that I haven’t touched on for a while. I also watch the videos to look for new ways to present the material to my students. When parents ask for resources or ways to help their students at home, Kahn Academy is one of the online programs I recommend. The program is simple to use. You can easily search for and find the concepts you are looking for, watch the very informational videos, followed by some practice to see if you understand the concept. I like that you can ask questions about the topics presented in the videos, and also read other questions that have been posted and answered. It's also helpful to read the tips posted with the videos.

How I Use It

I use Kahn Academy as an online resource for my students to be able to review, revisit, and relearn topics from class. I also recommend students to Kahn Academy when they’ve been absent from class and are unable to get one-on-one instruction. I have used Kahn Academy myself when preparing for my National Board Teacher Certification exams. During meetings with parents and students who are struggling, I always recommend Kahn Academy as an online resource to use at home to relearn topics and to review for tests. I also have advanced students who use Kahn Academy to research topics on their own that we do not discuss in class.