Great to use for kids that are absent.

Submitted 8 years ago
Julie C.
Julie C.
Culloden Elementary School
Culloden WV, US
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My Take

It is a great way to provide a different look than what I have done with the students. I like that I search any concept that I need. It also suggests other videos that may go along with that certain skill. The child can go back or pause the video if needed. If a student misses multiple days this could be a way that they can catch up at home and be ready and continue when they come back to school.

How I Use It

I have used it for students that have been absent when I taught a new skill and for students that still did not understand the skill after it has been taught. Videos of math concepts are available so that students can watch the breakdown of the problems so that can learn the steps needed. It does not provide feedback to the student so that if done at home the student is not able to ask questions.