Simple Presentation tool for IOS

Submitted 8 years ago
My Rating

My Take

I really love this app! The app was simple to use and making the presentation didn't take long to create. The kids liked creating their presentation on this app more than just the conventional PowerPoint. I would like to see the transitions to be better from slide to slide but the graphics and photos are great. I loved being able to use your voice to create the presentation. If you have a student who cant type fast but can read, they could use the voice button in the presentation and read what they want to have on the presentation. I have used this option myself when creating presentation and it makes creating presentations so much easier.

How I Use It

I use this app when I want the kids to present their research to the class. I did a PBL where the kids had an option of what sheep disease they would like to learn about and then present their information to the class. Some of the kids and groups decided to go with this app for their presentation. It was simple for the kids to use and provided a nice presentation for their research. I like how user friendly the app is and the quality of presentation it provides.