It is rocket science... For us all.

Submitted 5 years ago
Jordan J.
Jordan J.
Wicomico Middle School
Salisbury MD, US
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My Take

I used this game for a lesson and final seminar during my student teaching at university. It is a solid program that is constantly expanding and open to allowing all sorts of creativity and teaching about physics and resource management.

How I Use It

I used it by having the students plan out their rockets on paper. They had to take into account the limitations of how tall and how heavy the rocket was, as well as how much money they were using. The team of four then practiced all the roles similar to NASA; Pilot, Controller, Engineer, Reporter. The pilot flew the rocket, the controller called out staging, the engineer built the rocket, the reporter shared with the class about what happened during the flight. After each the flight, the team had to write a reflection about the flight. The class got pushy about being the pilot and did not like doing the reflections, this was expected behavior during the lesson.