Great "bite sized" videos with accompanying worksheets, fit for any topic

Submitted 1 year ago
Bradley H.
Bradley H.
Loyola University Maryland
Baltimore MD, US
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My Take

In my opinion, what I like most - as a teacher - is how specific these videos are, providing 500 clips from the founding of our nation up until modern day. In addition, I also enjoy how short the videos are, providing extremely specific and topical material in under 5 minutes in some cases.

How I Use It

As a prospective teacher, I would most likely use this resource as pre-class viewing in order to set the stage for what we will be discussing in class. Rather than have students read at home, or spend more than a couple of minutes doing homework, this resource is great because it breaks up Ken Burn's exceptional documentaries into bite sized chunks, most of which 10-15 minutes each, along with worksheets that can be assigned. Engagement wise, this is great because, so long as my students have their phone, they could watch these videos almost anywhere and at anytime, providing them the most accessible overview of the material.