What a great STEAM toolbox!

Submitted 10 months ago
Blain J.
Blain J.
State department of education
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My students used the Kais Clan web app on their Chromebooks to code the Kai robot to go on a mission on mars. The students created a map using the included resources and then explained what the Kai robot was seeing. I loved that the students had to collaborate together in order for their mission on mars to work correctly. Some groups had great success getting their bot to move the way they wanted others struggled to collaborating and being patient while waiting for other students to finish. The students really enjoy working with the Kai robots and seeing their robots come to life in AR and VR with the designs they made in Tinkercad as robot avatars. There is so much to this tool set, it's not just coding robots. We are still yet to try out the sensors that came with the kit. The company was very helpful with free PD to help me get started.

How I Use It

This tool is now my favorite coding robot program that I have ever used. The tripod used to setup the viewing of the included mars mat was frustrating but eventually figured it out. What I loved was that the robots use x,y coordinates, so when you code the robot to turn or move with degrees it always goes exactly to the intended place or position. After a few mistakes, most students were able to figure out that they don't have to just use the simplistic move forward, turn left instead they can choose to move to an exact coordinate on the mat.