Easy upload document, creates it in an attractive simulated reading experience online

Submitted 8 years ago
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Great online tool to upload documents and creates them in an interactive magazine, book style for viewing and flipping through pages. Students could create a magazine or newsletter project to post on this website for their assignment. Easy to use. Note that with the free version adds and other publications will show up around your publication that may or may not always be topical or appropriate.

How I Use It

Create weekly enewsletter in Microsoft Word and save it as a PDF file then upload it onto Issuu. From here I can email out the link the Issuu publication to all staff. Staff enjoys viewing the enewsletter www.issuu.com/mcsit online and on a mobile device. The publication on Issuu is very mobile device friendly looks good on web on pc, mobile phone, and tablet. Staff enjoys flipping through it as a magazine and book feel that is given to it through Issuu. I like that URL links are highlighted for the user to know what to click on. Staff are able to download the Issuu document to their computer as a PDF file and print it out as well.