The Inq-ITS science lab simulation program, Inq-Blotter real-time data, and tutorial feature (Rex the Dinosaur) are a science education game-changer!

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

The real-time data provided through the Inq-Blotter feature is well worth the added modest expense per teacher. To be able to track student progress, make adjustments to instruction, and observe the results of your instructional intervention in real-time is a classroom game-changer. The tutorial feature (Rex the Dinosaur) provides students with just the right amount of support that allows them to "figure it out". I have also been very impressed with the customer service and tech-support provided by the Inq-ITS staff.

How I Use It

I was very impressed with how quickly my 5th grade students gained fluency with the intuitive Inq-ITS program. I used a free-trial period to explore the benefits of using Inq-ITS with my science classes last year. I was so impressed I submitted a proposal to my Learning Technology administrator requesting subscriptions to Inq-ITS for all of my students (110+) during the 2017-2018 school year. My request was funded and I look forward to using this innovative science lab simulation tool next year. All of my students have school-provided individual Chromebooks.