InnerBody Reference

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The 2D interactive section allows students to isolate sections of the body and find specific facts about different parts of the body. Students can isolate even the smallest organ or bone, and get detailed information. The 3D rotate and zoom feature allows students to view the system as a whole from any direction.

I did find the page to be somewhat busy and distracting with ads, although with the amount of information they had to include on the website they did it well. The written facts portion of the page could be problematic for students since it is separated in the center by the image being discussed.

There is a video that explains in simple language the use of the website and additional areas that contain related information such as nutrition, diseases and anatomy related careers. This is a good reference for middle and high school students who are studying the anatomy.

How I Use It

This is great for any anatomy class, or even library website for reference. This website is full of information about the human body and how different systems interact. The body is broken down into systems and each system is then further broken down into its smallest parts. I would use this website during the introduction into each system; or as a reference tool while each system is being presented.