Makes a Good Point, but game play can get old fast

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

I think this is an average game. I like the fact it focuses on who can/can not immigrate as you choose where to send them, but I think the game play gets old fast as it is very repetitive. You are doing the same task by sending immigrants to ports the whole game. I think it would help if there were some overall goals to win other than adding Icivics points. I do like the fact the Icivics points are there though because it at least gives it some incentive

My personal preference is for games to move away from Flash because of the issues with Ipads and Flash

How I Use It

I think this product is just a small part of using Icivics, and I honestly think it is on the lower end of games in Icivics. If I was going to use this, I might use it as an intro to citzen ship and immigration. It gives students a basic understanding of immigration and who can come into the country legally, but I think students might get bored if you did it for extended amounts of time.