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Milli P.
Milli P.
Special education teacher
Community-based program
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I am a teacher and I tried i-Ready for my students. Some of them liked it and some did not like it. I did not like that if you failed the lesson it would make you redo the lesson I do not like it because 1 of my students got a 20% on the lesson and they redid it and got 100% on it so I became a bit on the edge and I talked to him and he said that he wrote done the answers and redid the lesson. I also have another student who has a learning disability she did i-Ready and got 50% on the lesson she redid it and then got the same score her level was F and it took her back to E. So I decided not to use this program. I also tried many other programs like Reflex and IXL both did not work. All the math apps these days are not good so I do not use any of them because I like to make my students happy so instead of games I use GENERATION GENIUS. They have math and science videos it is so much better and I would recommend it.

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