This is the single worst program I have ever used

Submitted 3 years ago
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It is awful. It is very cheesy and ineffective. Students dread it when they have to do it and frankly I dread seeing it to. It will give long, simple and stupid explanations that leave you very confused using horrible examples that do not help them learn at all. The characters talk to them like they are babies and they have to do a lesson, then a quiz. The lesson doesn't help at all. Also, if you fail one lesson then the next time it will be even easier and worse. Then if you succeed it will be far to hard the next time. There is no balance, the annoying characters make it worse and the math problems take so long to do no matter how simple because they make it harder. Instead of just asking "What is the mean of the this data" they have to go through unnessesary details that get them thinking the wrong way and they fail over and over again until they can't take it anymore. It is also expensive in total. And ineffective. If you value your students success do not use this program. Are grades in math have actually gone down sinse we started using it because they are not being taught right.

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