Great option for Data Driven Teachers!

Submitted 4 years ago
S. Michelle D.
S. Michelle D.
Luther Nick Jeralds Middle School
Fayetteville NC, US
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My Take

I like this program for two main reasons:
1. It caters to students needs. The first diagnostic test determines the level of each student, so the lessons they receive are differentiated. You can also assign lessons to the students.
2. Data, Data, Data! The progress monitoring and diagnostic assessments that I give every two months allow me to track student growth and understanding. The diagnostic test also provides Lexile levels. The program offers resources that can be used in small groups with the teacher as well.

How I Use It

This program is used as an independent station and assessment tool. You will want to make some sort of schedule for use, as students need at least 45 minutes of instruction per week. I learned to monitor my students, as some of them like to select a new tab and e-mail, etc.