"i-Ready" for a great reading resource!

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

I love having this tool in my classroom. The thing I really like is the data that it provides for me and for my students. After the diagnostic assessment, the teacher is provided with grade level placement scores for each domain. This is great to get a full picture of the student and which areas of English/language arts they need additional assistance. This program also creates individual lessons for the students that focuses on their needs. Having this allows the teacher more time to work on skills with students instead of creating lessons. To serve the students better, I would recommend the program allowing students a choice of lessons to work on. This would increase student engagement and allow students to feel that they are in charge of their learning. Overall, this is a great tool and I would highly recommend this tool for any teacher who wants to provide their students with extra English/Language arts practice.

How I Use It

I use i-Ready in my primary classroom daily for reading and phonics practice. My students have the opportunity to use this product for individualized lesson that target their specific needs in phonics and language arts. Before the lessons start, students are given a diagnostic assessment to determine their knowledge of domains such as phonological awareness, vocabulary, and comprehension. The program gives students lessons that focus on the areas that need intervention and also continue to grow areas where they have met the domain. Students are engaged with this program each time we use it. My students love the games and the characters that teach the lessons. They provide the students to a score after each quiz they are given which helps students track their own data.