Super Fun and Engaging Way to Delve into Coding!

Submitted 3 years ago
Jessie N.
Jessie N.
Napaaqtugmiut School
Noatak AK, US
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My Take

It's a fantastic app and one I highly recommend for middle school and high school students to try out. It is fun, engaging, and interactive. Students will feel like they're playing a game and teachers will rub their hands together in glee while the students sit there working out how to mathematically compute the code sequences to make the machines work. Awesome job!

How I Use It

Human Resource Machine is an awesome app you can download to your phone to explore coding in a fun way. It's set up to resemble a video game, which hooks the students in immediately, but it is very much going through the basics for creating that mindset they need when approaching problem-solving strategies necessary to overcome challenges when coding.