Great Resource for Teamwork and a Fun Activity for Students!

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I like this resource because I can be creative in creating the scavenger hunts as well as helping my students be creative and collaborate with each other. The website might take a few minutes to figure out, but there are great tips and examples provided that can help teachers with ideas for what to put in each empty spot. This could be a unique activity for students as I had never experienced such an official scavenger hunt in school that students can interact with on their own phones or devices. Even if students stay in the classroom, the activity can give the students pride when they complete the scavenger hunt and they can feel closer to their teacher and to their classmates. I also like that teachers can see what students submit immediately so they can score and make sure that those in the lead are actually submitting good work. Overall, the activities on this website will be the best if teachers are also engaged and create interesting goals for the students to achieve.

How I Use It

This scavenger hunt creator can lead to very exciting activities for the whole class to share their findings and ideas with each other. It can be used for a lot of different subjects, like learning about nature, the classroom or completing practice problems around the school or on a field trip.