Personalization at it's best without too much hassle

Submitted 7 years ago
Darlene P.
Darlene P.
Assistant Principal & Graphite Mentor
Shivela Middle School
Murrieta CA, US
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My Take

Overall it took a little bit of time to create the module in the multitude of ways needed, but in the end my students each were able to master the content at their level and at their own pace (with check-in's and due dates along the way). As a tool to allow personalized learning, free up my time to work with small groups or individual students this tool is great.

How I Use It

I pulled a module as related to the CCSS standards I was teaching that was previously created by another teacher. I reviewed it and placed it into my own classes. I started by doing small adaptations of the current module for my average student. I then adapted the unit and added elements of assessment and deeper learning for my higher students and added it to that class. Lastly I took the module and modified it with scaffolds, more videos, etc. for my special education and english language learners. All those modules were placed into different classes and the codes given to the students as needed. The students then worked at their own pace to complete the module.