Quick and easy, take a picture, it finds information on the object on the internet for you

Submitted 9 years ago
Matthew K.
Matthew K.
Technology coordinator
Modesto City Schools
Modesto CA, US
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My Take

Amazing tool that with a quick picture can identify the object appropriately and find information about it on the internet. You do not need to know what the object is called, how to type it, or spell it. Just take a picture and the app does all the work to find out for you. Use it with many objects around your environment to learn more about them. Great research tool for students of all ages. Works great with logos, artwork, products, barcodes, QR codes, landmarks, books, dvds, and text.

How I Use It

Use the app on mobile devices with small group trainings. Have students take a picture of a QR code and the app takes them to the correct website. Also use it for students to take pictures of an object to find out more information on the item on the web for research. Even great to take picture of text on a book or handout and it can read the text to do a search on that item or topic for the student to gain more information and understanding about a topic. Not as good with identifying animals or plants as of yet.