Lets students use maps to view and interact with locations in their community and all over the globe!

Submitted 7 years ago
Emily M.
Emily M.
Western Greenbrier Middle School
Crawley WV, US
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My Take

My 8th grade students loved using the tool, though the learning curve was fairly steep. Also, I found I spent a lot of time redirecting students who immediately started looking for their own houses or places in their community. In the future, I would give students a set period of time to learn to navigate the app by looking through their communities before beginning the lesson.

The SAMR level of this app really depends on the lessons the teacher uses. It can be simply used as a substitution for maps and atlases, but could also be used all the way up the SAMR ladder as students plot waypoints, share coordinates, and link their coordinates to other materials in conjunction with other applications.

How I Use It

In the past, I used it as part of an introduction to geocaching to teach students how to use latitude and longitude to find and log specific locations. Students learned to find specific locations by entering coordinates, and learned to record the coordinates of locations they found. This app can be used with thousands of different lessons through third-party sites or developed by individual teachers.