Creative and Interactive for Middle School Math

Submitted 8 years ago
Tia H.
Tia H.
Milton Middle School
Milton WV, US
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My Take

I believe that this project was very beneficial for students to see real life applications of how coordinates are important for many careers. I found that the pictures, articles, and 3D capabilities provided the students with a better understanding of the location. The application is useful for many subjects and could create a better understanding of many topics. The tools that are provided make it easier to navigate and explore.

How I Use It

I created a lesson where students engaged with Google Earth to further understand coordinates on the coordinate plane. This allowed for students to see a real life application by finding places on Earth. Each group was given a table to fill in once they located the place. They were to find the places by using the given coordinates, specific location and determining the coordinates, or by clues as to the location. I communicated with my team of teachers to find locations that related to their content at the time. They were also prompted to provide information about the location based on their observations through photos and articles listed for that location.

The students enjoyed the activity the most when they were given the opportunity to search for their own location. In the future, I would have more opportunities for them to choose their own locations. The Students had to be reminded about which coordinate was the x and y when looking at the coordinates provided on Google Earth.