A Great Resource for Book Reviews and Discussions

Submitted 7 years ago
Bobbi G.
Bobbi G.
Santa Fe South Charter High School
Oklahoma City OK, US
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My Take

This website is a great place to check before selecting a book to read. There are thousands of fantastic discussions happening, and I found many of my students were excited to join and talk about books. Overall, it's not the best site to design a lesson around, but it is a great help.

How I Use It

This year I have been blessed with some extra money to help build my classroom library. My students used Goodreads to help decide what books would be good to purchase. The reviews are honest, and since it isn't tied to a company trying to sell the book, we felt they were more trustworthy. In the future, I plan on having my students join in a discussion about a book that they are reading, so they can practice both discussing a book and their writing skills.