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GoAnimate for Schools

Make professional-looking animations with easy-to-use tool

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Price: Free to try
Platforms: Web

Pros: Fun characters and settings and an easy-to-use interface make this a great tool for a wide range of ages and abilities.

Cons: If you want access to the educator features and student-appropriate content, you'll have to pay yearly.

Bottom Line: This highly engaging animation tool is a fun way for students to experiment with storytelling and digital creation.

GoAnimate for Schools has a Lesson Gallery for teachers who are using animations to create informational videos for their classes. Students in their class can view these videos, which can also be embedded in a website. This has the potential to support the flipped classroom model where students often learn through video outside of the classroom. Teachers can create their own instructional video animations for class on topics varying from classroom expectations to a concept students are learning in class. These animations would then appear in the class animation library for future reference. Students can use GoAnimate to bring their own stories to life, working in groups to animate their own scripts. They could also make lessons of their own, teaching other students about a variety of topics they're covering in class. 

GoAnimate for Schools is a 2D cut-out animation tool available on the web or as a Chrome app. This school-friendly version of the original GoAnimate site creates a "walled garden" that allows teachers to manage and moderate all the content students may come across. In addition, student work is viewable only by those within their class or school, unless students choose to sign in and show their work to a parent or another person. Students can create animations and view the animations of their teacher as well as their peers, if their teacher has given them access. Students can create unlimited characters and videos of unlimited length.

GoAnimate has lots of options for creating very slick videos. Simple fill-in-the-blank-style animations will work well for younger students, while older students can experiment with a wide variety of themes, characters, props, and animations. Students can type in what they want characters to say and then hear a (somewhat robotic) voice speak the lines, or they can record their own lines directly into the video. The animations they create are then placed in the class "library" and can be seen by the teacher and other students when they log in.

GoAnimate provides a place for students to watch their stories come to life. There's a very high engagement level with this program; students will love working with the props, animations, and effects to create professional-looking animations. This could encourage reluctant writers to engage in script writing and story development more readily than they otherwise might. It's also an excellent alternative to PowerPoint presentations and the like for students to demonstrate information they've gathered. 

At the same time, though, some students may rush through the writing process to get to the animation, and many teachers will find the cost (starting at $79 per year for just a teacher account or $124 per year for one teacher and 30 students) unmanageable, especially since GoAnimate doesn't offer a lot of actual instruction. Ultimately, it's a fantastic tool if you can afford it and if you're willing to scaffold learning tasks around it in your classroom.

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With easy customization options, a simple interface, and seemingly endless combinations of characters and settings, students can become animators in just a few minutes. 


This engaging creation tool offers a fun platform for learning storytelling and script-writing skills.


The easy-to-use interface guides kids through the process of building a project, with many options for students of varying levels of ability.

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A highly customizable digital animation app; kids will love creating their own high-quality videos.

My students figured out how to use GoAnimate for Students surprisingly quickly. Understanding how the timeline at the bottom of the screen worked was the only area I felt I needed to provide implicit instruction in. The quality of the finished videos are fantastic! The real challenge was keeping them on task and moving forward to complete their production as the many options are fun to experiment with. My students really like the text to speech function and the ability to record heir own voices (I have found this to be lacking from most of the free alternative options). I love that GoAnimate creates an easily publishable product where you don't have to worry so much about your students' identities being revealed. I do miss Domo by GoAnimate which was free and a bit simpler to use. It's a shame they shut it down.

Overall, this tool is great for teaching ELA concepts including POV, dialogue, sequence, characters, setting, editing, plot and much more. It can also be used for students to demonstrate what they have learned in any topic (the ability to import your own images and audio files is also helpful for this.) This is also a great option for a maker space or free time to create.

The template options allow an easier way to a simple video that allows students to just focus on the characters dialogue. The studio offers highly customizable options including the ability to create your own characters in some themes.

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