Great way to introduce robots and critical thinking skills to young students through play.

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

I thinks its a great tool. There is no assembly required, there is a great tutorial on the Wonder Workshop website to show you how it works, no wifi, good for pre-readers and ELL students. It also meets many of the ITSE standards like global collaborator, and if you use the full suite of apps, the curriculum provided meets the higher levels of the SAMR model. The GO app alone, teaches pre-coding and critical thinking skills and collaboration.
I think the use of the GO app and the entire suite serves kids better because the students are learning through play
and it serves the teacher better because there is no teaching involved. The learning is happening by itself and the students are fully engaged.

How I Use It

I did not use this product personally but I observed it being used in a second grade classroom. The teacher had the students work in teams to create obstacle courses for the robot(Dash) to go through. The students worked in their groups to first create the obstacle course using anything around the classroom (tables, chairs, game pieces, books, toys) and then each child in the team had a turn at moving Dash through the course using the app as a remote control. Then, the teacher had the students try obstacle courses made by the other teams. The only real issue I observed, was that each team only had one iPad and one robot, so it takes patience for each student to wait for their turn. I think, overall the kids had a great time making their courses and figuring out how to maneuver Dash through them.
If I were to use this product in my own classroom, I would use it the same way I observed it being used. However the GO app is part of a suite of apps that belong to the Dash and Dot robots. I would want to incorporate the entire suite of apps. The Go app is the introductory app that shows you how the robot works and what it can do. On the Wonder Workshop where you purchase the robots and find the apps, you can find curriculum resources that teachers can use with the apps. This suite of apps changes with the students learning and supports 21st century skills.