Good interactive stretch activity

Submitted 10 years ago
Gary  S.
Gary S.
Webster City Middle School
Webster City IA, US
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My Take

I don't see this app being used in a teacher's mandated curriculum. While Geared 2 is entertaining and challenging the further you get into it, the one benefit I see from working with it is using logical thinking skills. The lack of a help section drops this app down the list of useful apps, in my opinion. I kept looking for the hints, but never did find them. Some on the screen helpful prompts would have been great. Instead, I was left to totally guess how to work the app. Once I got stuck, there was nothing to help me progress. Geared 2 would be good as an extension activity for most students, especially those advanced learners that always seem to finish their work early."

How I Use It

I would use this app as an extension activity for the students. It would work especially well for TAG students as part of a logic unit. The students would find themselves progressing through the levels quickly, then slowing down to a crawl just as quickly. I predict they would give up on the app at that point.