Great for learning, but must teach students how to use it.

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I play this game on my own free time and its great. Physics play a massive part in this game if you are trying to build a vehicle. Its also great for animation, you can create rag dolls and position their eyes, arms, legs fingers and even the mouth. You can download what users of the made such as the wiremod. the wiremod use even thing you could use on a circuit board, and a computer, you gotta know how to use gates and how gyroscope works how motion sensors will activate.You can open of the command prompt and add your own code to the game. But there is violence there are guns and AI's that you can kill, there is blood, and a little swearing depending on what AI you spawn. Other then that this is a great game and I love it!

How I Use It

Teach kids on ways to build a car or a flying machine with gates lasers and circuits.

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