Explore Ford's Theater and the Lincoln Assassination with your students without leaving your classroom.

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

As a teaching tool, the Ford's Theater website is good, not great. It has some good resources and the virtual field trip is nice for the students to get a visual representation. There is not much interactiveness in the site and the students wont want to keep going back. It works well as a great followup when learning about the conspiracy but will probably not work as the primary source of information.

How I Use It

When teaching American History, students are almost always interested in the story of the Lincoln Assassination and the conspiracy behind it. I use this website to help extend the students knowledge about the topic. There is useful teacher resources located under the education tab and a nice virtual field trip that walks students through different parts of Ford's Theater to examine the fateful night as well as the man that was Abraham Lincoln.