Great lessons for math teachers to use WITH their students - teacher led lessons.

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This site provides lots of great examples in Algebra, with the other areas lacking a little. As a teacher, you can find the exact concept that you need and to pull it up quickly and begin using it. These lessons are meant to be teacher led with a teacher working with the students to work through each lesson. Vocabulary is another great factor, providing essential vocabulary for each lesson - would have been better if it had also provided definitions for the vocabulary given. This site has very little interactivity with examples and problems given having to still be worked out on pencil and paper by the students instead of online. The practice problems and the homework problems provided match the lesson well, however there is no 'overall assessment' provided at the end to give students feedback on how well they did. Also, while working on the practice problems there is no way for students to be able to tell which of the examples on the page they have wrong. It ends up being a 'game show' type of situation where you have to change your answers randomly until you get them all correct. There should be specific feedback on which one is wrong to help students figure out where they made their mistakes. Overall, it is a great basic curriculum for teachers to use as a supplement to what they are already teaching. Could be made much better by adding additional interactivity or some video lessons to go with what is already provided.

How I Use It

This works well to reinforce the lesson you are already teaching. You can use these lessons as your main lesson for the students or as a way to show students a different way of working through a concept. Pull these lessons up with a projector and work through the concepts and problems with a whole class. A different approach is after I have taught my main lesson to my students, using the lessons here with small groups to help students who need additional support and to learn how to approach the concepts from a different angle. I use these as supplemental materials to my main concepts and lessons. Teachers could also use these lessons as their main lesson. Once students understand how the lessons on this site work, they can also be left as emergency sub lessons where a substitute teacher could bring these up on SmartBoard or projector for students to work on. The main drawback is there is no automated assessment of the problems given in the lessons. Instead teachers still have to hand grade the paper and pencil work provided by the students.