Wonderful graphics and engaging activities for a wide range of learners.

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

The Graphics are very exciting and engaging,and the music is very appealing to students. There was a great variety of skills and activities and each level builds on the previous level. The levels do get harder pretty fast so it is great for advanced learners however can be a bit frustrating for slower learners. It allows for 3 students to have an "account" with their name on it so it will pick up where they left off. There are good directions for the teacher to read so it is clear how to play each activity. I like the way it allows for creativity and higher a level thinking skills. The skills range from positional words (above, below) to making change in the lunch lab.

How I Use It

It is a great way to provide enrichment for students because it has a log in for three students and it keeps track of what level they are on and builds the skill as they play. For younger students it worked best to work in partners due to the quickly escalating skill level. It didn't lend itself to whole group or large group instruction due to the individual log in however was great for individual or partner enrichment.