First In Math! Motivating Every Child to Learn, Live and Love Math!

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Through gaming, students forge a bond at the classroom level, help one another, and become better critical thinkers. Significant results can be achieved in minutes a day through the Deep Practice techniques, and new habits will replace old, unproductive habits in order to drive success. I think this program was designed with focus, coherence and rigor as its focus points. Self-paced activities target mastery of procedural skills and fluencies that are essential for internalizing and demonstrating conceptual understanding. FIM’s comprehensive content fully aligns with the CCSSM. Their easy-to-use Math Standards Correlations tool enables me to use the program to best support ongoing pedagogical and practice standards. Parents love First In Math online too. Parents are delighted to see their children build a solid foundation in mathematics. When a child solves a predetermined number of math problems, FIM automatically generates an additional Family User ID! Family members can learn and refresh skills as they work alongside their child toward higher levels of math achievement. 

How I Use It

I use First In Math as a part of my daily group rotations and I also assign occasional homework assignments on First in Math. As the Math chair at my school, First in Math is a resource site that we use in grades 2-5. Students are provided a unique FIM User ID that can be customized to fit already-existing web-access protocols. This website is great for intervention students as well as gifted students. Offering substantive content that supports any math curriculum, the site is safe, user-friendly, and shares the sophistication of computer games kids are used to playing. The program provides positive and reinforcing experiences, and gives students incentive to achieve. The objective is to help students develop math skills that will sustain them for a lifetime by promoting permanent skill retention-not just short-term memorization of facts.