The students ask to go on Kidblog! Great way to put writing skills on display.

Submitted 7 years ago
Brad M.
Brad M.
Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy - Upper School
Melbourne FL, US
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This is an excellent teaching tool but it does require some set up and tweaking to get all of the preferences to your specifications. Students will need guidance at first as the interface is initially a bit cluttered. Same goes for the teacher interface, largely because there are some many settings and options. Don't let this discourage you, as we have had great results with Kidblog.

How I Use It

Our 5th and 5th grade writing teacher uses Kidblog and the students love it. It is their most requested tool for any writing lesson. After a writing lesson, students are given a topic and compose a blog post. Students must leave at least 2 comments on other students blog posts. It can be set up so that the teacher must approve all posts before going live, the blogs can be kept private to only your students, there are security and privacy settings to meet almost any need or concern you may have. Students took more time to write and proofread knowing that others would be reading their posts.