Simple blogging platform for students and teachers.

Submitted 8 years ago
Toni O.
Toni O.
Library Technology Educator
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Professionally I use WordPress which I know some teachers use with older students. For younger students or teachers who are not tech-savvy, KidBlog has created an easy tool for all to use. There are so many options regarding student security which is great because of teacher's comfort levels with information on the Internet.

How I Use It

I assist classroom teachers in setting up their classrooms on KidBlog for classroom blog, quad blogging and connecting with other blogs around the world. I believe that starting the year with quad blogging is really smart because it gets the students hooked on writing. They love having another audience besides their teacher or classmates. I don't think you can just allow the students to blog by themselves. One teacher tried this, only the writers were excited. All other students stopped writing. I would suggest having an assignment once a week or once a month to allow the students to practice blogging and to create the habit of blogging.