Simple and Clear Classroom Blogging

Submitted 8 years ago
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Kidblog is an easy blogging platform you can make private or public on the web. You can use it for simple creation of different writing activities or as a digital portfolio. Through the site, you can upload videos or photos and, of course, any length of writing you choose. Students are then able to read and respond to each other's posts, which is a good practice for digital citizenship. If sites are public, they can be connected with other teachers in different classrooms or across the country/world. Then, within Kidblog and a click of a button, your class can read each other's posts. Not much customization is available. Students are able to put a picture for their profile but the site background can be changed into different themes but not customized. Also, the website is more reliable than the app in my experience.

How I Use It

I use Kidblog as a digital portfolio. Throughout the year, students respond to a variety of prompts, write about their day, or different events in their school day. The ability to upload pictures and videos is helpful. We also tried to connect with other classes but ran into some problems doing so, since I wasn't ready to make the site public.