I like Kidblog, especially for students who can't remember usernames and passwords but can identify their name.

Submitted 9 years ago
Jennifer K.
Jennifer K.
Computer Teacher
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I really like Kidblog, however, the first time I actually used it with a class, I struggled getting to where the kids could log in. This was totally my fault because I neglected to read the directions. Once I did, I couldn't believe how easy it was to access. By publishing the link someplace all of the students could access, logging in was a breeze, even with my younger students! All they had to do was identify their name and type in the number they already use to gain access to the computer. I still haven't had a real chance to have kids blog and get the world view that publishing can offer them, but Kidblog is a great tool for them to use to experience this. There are many +'s like the security, ease of access, and ease of use. Overall a great product!

How I Use It

This year, students will be using it as part of a technology challenge that I've set up and to journal about their learning process and progress in a certain project. I'd love to be able to get all of our students blogging to practice their writing skills and having folks from all around the world respond to their writing.