Great way to incorporate blogging!

Submitted 9 years ago
Samantha M.
Samantha M.
Port Allen Middle School
Port Allen LA, US
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Kidblog is a fantastic website to use for blogging in the classroom. I like so much on this site. Some of the best things are that you can create multiple blogs, diverse themes, the ability to moderate and approve messages, and the opportunities for students to provide feedback for each other. Kidblog is very simple and I find it easy to incorporate in different areas of my lesson.

How I Use It

I've used kidblog in many different ways. I've used it as a warm-up or bell work when my students enter at the beginning of each class period. I've posed questions and had them analyze photos or text. I've used it for independent practice before by providing them with information and having them post their findings or answers. I've done a lot with writing prompts. The students would write their final drafts for their writing and once they were done they were able to blog their writing prompts. Students were then able to go in and give feedback to other students. The students always looked forward to getting on Kidblog. This was such a great motivational tool for them. It also allowed not only teacher to student feedback, but student to student feedback.