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Kidblog allows me to have as much control as I need for my class. I can allow students the freedom to have their own blog page, edit their name, edit their password, or edit their account. I can also easily set it so that students can only respond to my posts and do not have further access.
The direct link to my page gives that extra step of security and importing my class list was easy as 1-2-3! Once set up, I like that I can share resources with students through pictures, videos, music, newspaper articles, and blogging. I can engage students in a simple lesson or a lesson that gives more depth and meaning to a topic. I can have students respond in writing, by uploading a video, or uploading an audio commentary, allowing for better differentiation.

How I Use It

I currently use Kidblog in my social studies class. Last year I used it for math. In my math class, I would ask students to explain a math topic more in detail such as: "Is a fraction a division problem? Pretend your little cousin has come to you for help with this question. How would you explain your answer?" This is a great way to have students think about how to explain math concepts through writing.
More interesting though is the use of video content. This year in Social Studies, I will embed a video current to our topic and ask students to write a response to a question I pose from the video. Students are also responsible for commenting on another student's response. Sometimes I will throw in a little challenge such as: "After watching this video, how do you think the Great Compromise could have been different? Use 5 hyperboles to explain." We had fun reading the outrageous responses! Students are also encouraged to share a video or audio response for certain assignments as well! Our next assignment will have students creating a project and sharing their journey along the way with us through blogging and also sharing pictures of their final work of art, all on Kidblog!

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