Easy to set-up and blog blogging platform.

Submitted 9 years ago
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Kidblogs allows me to set-up blogs for my students without requiring emails. I can set up blogs that are public or private and I can allow students to freely comment and post or require that posts and comments are moderated. I both like and dislike that there are only a very few options on Kidblog. The lack of options make it easy to use and set-up. Sometimes I wish there were more options for customization. All items I need to make my posts and for my students to make their posts interesting are there.

How I Use It

I have a blog and I post and have my students respond and comment on the blog to provide opportunities to practice Spanish outside of the classroom. My students blog reflections, and post assignments to my blog as well. A feature of my class is debates in Spanish. I have the students begin the conversation on the blog stating their opinion and side they take in a debate and then they respond to each other via the comments on the blog.