Skip the penpals---write to the whole world including your grandma in Texas!

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

Kidblog takes blogging and makes safe for kids at no cost. The tool is free, the set up is fairly easy, and then there is a little maintenance to keep it moving. I love that I nothing gets published until I approve it. I don't need to worry about weird people leaving weird messages for my students. I would like to see kidblog make approving comments and posts easier on the website. The process is really simple on a iphone or ipad.

How I Use It

I use Kidblog as a literacy center. I have a bin of questions next to a computer. They pick a question and go for it. Once they write a post then they can write comments on other students blogs. I am very strict on writing as a student and I do not approve comments that are text-messages or social conversations. This year my 3rd graders need to type a writing test so this helps with teaching typing without focusing on typing. Grandparents, friends, parents, and other people can comment on the posts and encourage the third grader.