Reflex Math is the best program to practice fact fluency!

Submitted 4 years ago
Steven E.
Steven E.
Bicentennial Elementary School
Coal Valley IL, US
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My Take

We have a math workshop model in our building. Reflex Math can fit seamlessly into your math workshop block. The students love this program because there are so many different games to choose from so they don't experience the burnout. The other benefit to this program is students are given facts in fact families and not isolation. This is a major benefit to using Reflex than using other programs out there.

How I Use It

My school has used Reflex Math for 2 years. This program offers children a variety of games to practice their fact fluency and improve automaticity. Each student in my building spends 10 minutes on Reflex Math per day. Since we are using the program with fidelity, 80% of my students are 80-100 percent fluent. We have tried other programs and Reflex has been the most user friendly, enjoyable for our students, and the customer service is great.