Math Fact Automaticity for All!

Submitted 7 years ago
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I absolutely stand behind this product. I have never seen students more engaged in developing their fact knowledge. Students cannot wait for their turn to use class technology to access Reflex. We implemented the program in November and have 7 students who have mastered all addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. Some of these students were either LD Math or in RTI for math/working memory issues. When assessing students with other measures we see 100% carryover of the fluency skills.
One of the greatest features of Reflex math is the multiple assessment and dynamic leveling of the program. They have excellent algorithms which blend challenging facts with can-do facts to reduce stress. Students see everything in a game format and have practice opportunities with and without distractors. The final stage of each session involves a game that requires the brain to process on multiple levels. Students must navigate characters on the screen to perform tasks in their game while also responding to math fact prompts within time limits. This ensures that fluency and automaticity has been acquired.
A caution I must say to the "plug and play educator," for roughly 2% of students coaching and close observation is required for adequate progress to be achieved. In my case these were the students who struggle with maintaining attention to task. Although the games are highly engaging, some students need an adult presence to keep them on track. When students do neglect to answer many of the prompts in a timely fashion the program will assume that they do not know the fact- not that they are unfocused.

This program has worked well for all demographics of students. It yields 2 major benefits for the classroom as a whole: 1-students are cognitively enabled to focus on the higher order procedures of common core math since they do not need to calculate their facts. 2-students gain confidence in the area of math as fluency achievement increases (the easy to print certificates help with this).

How I Use It

This product can be used with an entire class on desktops, laptops/chromebooks, or Ipad. It is also great as an intervention for students who are having difficulty with basic fact fluency in math. When students are provided their log-in key they were asked to agree to three terms: 1-use the program at least 3 times per week in or outside of school, 2-do not share the account or obtain help from anyone while using the program, 3-obtain the "green light" each time the program is used (this indicates the student has implemented the program properly for the day). Students are given access either during whole class computer time as a follow up or menu item, given opportunities at recess, or cycled through classroom tech a few students at a time. Reflex can take as little as 10 minutes after students have learned the skills necessary to maximize the program. We had 35 licenses which we used first as an intervention. Now that many of those students have reached mastery, we have extended the program to on-level and advanced students.