Engaging and Fun Way for Students to Build Fact Fluency

Submitted 8 years ago
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I would highly recommend this product to teachers who want their students to rapidly build math fact fluency (who doesn't?). Cost may be a drawback for some but for districts and classrooms that have the means and the technology, it would be an excellent investment. I love not having to copy timed tests and flash cards. The fact that students can also log in and practice at home is also a big plus. As long as the student logs in under their school profile from home, their progress will continue to be tracked. The fluency games are well-rendered and very high interest. Students cannot progress to the next level until they've mastered their current level facts at a fluent rate. If they stop to count on fingers, the fact will time out and they will not receive credit (points). The program will also go back and reteach fact families that students have not yet mastered, then takes them back through the practice games. I'm extremely pleased with the results I've seen thus far, and I'm eager to see the impact their fluency will have on students' overall Math performance.

How I Use It

I use Reflex Math in place of flash cards and fact fluency practice (think daily timed tests). I have a class set of iPads, which makes implementation easy. I make sure to carve out a ten minute daily block for students to be able to practice on the program. My school district purchased a district-wide license, so I had the ease of being able to import student names from a database created by the district. It took mere minutes to set up my class. However, for someone purchasing a license for their classroom, setup would still be quite easy and the time investment would be well worth it--I love not having to run copies or grade and check fact practice. The program assesses the students upon startup and determines their baseline fluency. From there, it tracks their progress and I can view their usage, growth, and specific facts mastered from the Teacher Dashboard. This information is easily disseminated to students and parents, and the program even offers progress reports and certificates that can be printed and sent home. After just two weeks of implementation, my students have acquired approximately 1500 new fluent facts as a class.

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